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Tools on GitHub Tools
acTelerikStylesAssembly and acTelerikStylesRenaming are now hosted on GitHub.

Their license are GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1.
Documentation website updated Website
The acDevSoftware documentation site has been updated to incorporate new documentation deployment technology. This integrates the online help for the acSixSaferPay and acDevBaseMFCLib products.

Link to acDevSoftware documentation site.
New version planned of acSixSaferPay acSixSaferPay

A new version of acSixSaferPay, v1.15, is planned for April 12, 2021.

The following points are in this version:

  • Compatible with nopCommerce v4.40
  • Compatible with nopCommerce v4.30
  • Use the SaferPay JSON API v1.16
acSixSaferPay acSixSaferPay
NopCommerce is a worldwide known and used e-commerce software, and to make payments with SaferPay from Six Payment Solutions, the acSixSaferPay plugin has been created.

It allows you to manage all payments securely by redirecting the user from NopCommerce to the SaferPay payment page, and when the payment has been confirmed or canceled, to redirect the user to NopCommerce.
New website Website
acDevSoftware introduces its new website based only on its .Net libraries, acDevWBUIControls.net and acWBHighCharts.net.

It is fully compatible with the various recent and older browsers as well as for desktop, tablet and mobile environments.