.Net & JQuery UI Controls
  • acDevLibraries.net

    Libraries for .Net programming for quickly building web, desktop and mobile applications.
    • acDevWBUIControls.net

      Mix ASP.NET with the power of JQuery thanks to our AJAX/JQuery controls.

      Includes more than 30 styled controls, like grids, navigation bar, dropdown, etc.

    • acWBHighCharts.net

      Library of ASP.NET AJAX Controls for Highsoft products.

  • acDev3D

    3D Applications for viewing in direct and simple way complex data source.
    • acZoomin

      Scientifical visualization software in 3D.


      • Quick visualization
      • Easy to use
      • Extensible by plugins

External Plugins
  • acExtPlugins

    Plugins for external web, mobile or desktop applications.
MFC & Controls
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