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ASP.NET AJAX Controls for Highsoft products
<acdev:UILineHighChart ID="Chart" runat="server" Width="478px"
  <TitleGroup Title="Solar Employment Growth by Sector, 2010-2016"  />
  <SubTitleGroup Title="Source: thesolarfoundation.com"></SubTitleGroup>
  <LegendGroup Align="Right" VerticalAlign="Middle" Layout="Vertical">
      <TitleGroup Title="Number of Employees" />
    <acdev:UIHighChartLineSerie Name="Installation" PointStart="2010">
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="43934" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="52503" Selected="true"
                                   Description="This point is selected" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="57177" Color="Yellow"
                                   Description="Hello" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="69658" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="97031" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="119931" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="137133" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="154175" />
    <acdev:UIHighChartLineSerie Name="Manufacturing" PointStart="2010">
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="24916" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="24064" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="29742" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="29851" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="32490" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="30282" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="38121" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="40434" />
    <acdev:UIHighChartLineSerie Name="Sales & Distribution"
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="11744" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="17722" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="16005" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="19771" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="20185" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="24377" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="32147" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="39387" />
    <acdev:UIHighChartLineSerie Name="Project Development"
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem  />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem  />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="7988" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="12169" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="15112" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="22452" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="34400" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="34227" />
    <acdev:UIHighChartLineSerie Name="Other" PointStart="2010">
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="12908" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="5948" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="8105" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="11248" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="8989" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="11816" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="18274" />
        <acdev:UIHighChartLineItem YValue="18111" />
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The Highcharts products of Highsoft (Highchart, Highstock) are powerfull javascript components to display charts of various types. And to use them with ASP.NET AJAX, acWBHighCharts.net has been created. It simplifies completely the integration of a Highchart or Highstock chart in a ASP.NET page or in an user control (ascx).
Highsoft AS delivers licensed software and is the company behind Highstock JS, Highcharts JS, Highmaps JS, and Highslide JS.

Highcharts has rapidly become one of the industry leaders in standards compatible JavaScript based charting. The company is a limited company succeeding the former Highslide Software, founder Torstein Hønsi's sole proprietorship.
The business have been profitable since the start in 2006. Since Highcharts was released late 2009, growth really escalated. By 2013 Highsoft has grown from one developer to 10 employees, of which 6 are developers and 4 are in Sales and administration. Our offices are located in Vik i Sogn, Norway.

For more information about our company, please visit about us on www.highcharts.com.